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The team that showed the world the tiki taka, the team with the best player in the world, the pride of Catalonia, this is FC Barcelona.
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més que un club

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“I’m happy that I got to play in a Clásico that was a final, that’s a dream come true for me, and there’s nothing better than scoring a goal.”
“They had their chances and they took advantage of them. We need to congratulate our rivals and move forward.”

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I wanted to understand why Barca go look technician, because can simply propose to Puyol’s invitation to be coach.

Klopp? Villasboa?

NO I want Puyol and I doubt he rejects being coach of Barça.

If he does not accept or Barca not invite him to be a coach, I feel greatly miss him

Still I rise

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Bartra’s goal against Real Madrid - Copa del Rey Final

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This is the first time since 2008 where Barca will win nothing. No CdR, no CL, no Liga.

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It’s been a tough ride for us, we have suffered so much over the years. But all this pain has made us stronger and better. What I love about this team is that in spite of the cruel reality we manage to survive. We’re survivors, we always have been. I love this team too much to let go of them now, I’m not moving. When I started supporting this team I made a promise to myself that I would love them till my last breath and here I am keeping that promise. Barcelona never needed me, I needed them. They have built a huge part of me. I love them and I always will.

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"Bienvenido al club. Llorará más veces. Esto forma parte del deporte. No se puede ganar siempre."

—Pep Guardiola, 24/04/12 (via estrangeras)

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